SILLIA VL: French manufacturer

SILLIA VL SILLIA VL now stands as a front runner in phase with the current renewable energy challenges and appears as one of the main actors of the French market.

SILLIA VL was created in December 2008 and is bound to the group ELVIA PCB. European leader on the electronic printed circuits industry, the group currently holds a capital of 50M euros and counts up to 400 employees.

SILLIA VL takes benefit from :
- An industrial development initiative: cost and quality management;
- A long lasting experience of cutting-edge technology.

SILLIA VL also has a strong financial structure including the following: :
- Shared capital : 7 M€;
- Two french banks as investors : IPO (CIC Group) et Sodéro (Caisse d’Epargne Group).

Energie positive By funding the growth of SILLIA VL, the Group has demonstrated its positive desire to support the development of renewable energy solutions. This decision is in line with the overall company policy, aimed at addressing climate change issues with responsible development plans. An indispensable effort for the current society and the future generations.

Our policy aims at guaranteeing a perfect ethics, in the environmental and social domains. SILLIA VL built, on the photovlotaic market, an economic model based on transparency and quality.


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