The production tool

The production capacity of the site located in Brittany reached 50 MWc/year.

SILLIA VL benefits from a 5000 m2 building surface, with suitable “clean rooms” (class 10.000) in which the encapsulation of poly and monocrystalline cells is completed.

The cells encapsulation is made under vacuum. This process, combined with high quality material, offers to photovoltaic modules an excellent resistance to hard climatic conditions.

Greater automation

Through significant investment in modern equipment, SILLIA VL put into service a series of highly automated production tools combining reliability and competitiveness.

The production line now includes the following elements:
- one additional quality checkpoint of the strings of cells by electroluminescence;
- two robots in charge of welding the cell strings;
- two laminators dedicated to cell encapsulation within vacuum environment;
- one robot allocated to edge trimming.

Stock management

Every module manufactured by SILLIA VL is thoroughly cleaned and its power output is verified at the end of the production line. The power ranking of each element is recorded on a dedicated document that is systematically supplied to customer.

The photovoltaic modules produced by SILLIA VL are automatically sorted with reference to their electric power before being stored. Our reliable production tool allows us to precisely refine the panels classification and therefore to deliver modules with homogeneous performance.

The two main assets of such a process are the following:
- A major financial gain for customers who obtain an installation with optimized yield;
- A valuable improvement in logistics that avoids to the fitter to sort out the photovoltaic modules before proceeding to the installation.


Every photovoltaic module manufactured by SILLIA VL is assigned a serial number. This unique number is presented on a label located by the junction box, under the glass of the laminated layer. This ensures straightforward traceability throughout the life of the photovoltaic module.


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