Positive energy

SILLIA Energie is a French industrialist, a manufacturer of photovoltaic manufacturer modules, strongly attached to the values of quality, innovation and sustainable development.

Bound to the group of electronics ELVIA PCB, national leader on its market, SILLIA Energie knew how to capitalize the acquired experience with the customers of the Aeronautics and the Serviceman to satisfy the requirements of the Photovoltaic. Today, the company proposes high quality products, guaranteed 10 years.

On the production site, located in Lannion (Brittany), Sillia Energie implemented modern production tools and a strong automation what allows to bind quality and competitiveness. Thanks to the committed investments, the production capacity of the company reach 50 MWc/year in 2011.

SILLIA Energie confirms its position in the heart of the energy challenges appears as one of the main French actors of the market. By the selection of the suppliers and the control of the manufacturing processes, SILLIA Energie’s offer is built with traceability and transparency.

All our teams are mobilized in a permanent initiative of customers satisfaction. The commercial team and our engineering department are available to advise you, study your projects and, if necessary, assist you in their realization.

By choosing to develop Sillia Energie, the group advanced its will to participate in the emergence of the renewable energies, an indispensable effort for the current society and the future generations.

Our policy, internal and external, aims at guaranteeing a perfect ethics, in the environmental and social domains.


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